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Edmund (the Explorer)

Sorry it has been a while since the last posting, but aside from shivering our arses off, Eli and I have been busy with the new puppy.  That’s right…  meet Edmund, our adorable little “Texas Heeler”.


We adopted him from an organization known as HART of Wisconsin over in Sparta.  After speaking with RosAnne, the president of HART and the foster mom of Edmund and his siblings, we filled out an application and were shortly thereafter approved to adopt little Edmund.  I drove over on Saturday to pick him up.  Xena immediately took him under her wing, and has been very engaging and mentoring ever since.  I’m taking Tuesdays and Thursdays off from work for the next couple weeks to stay home with the two of them while Eli is at work to ensure he adapts to his new home as well as possible.  I took him for his first visit to our local Vet yesterday, and he weighs 22.5 pounds and is in excellent condition.

Edmund has a very adult sounding bark, but luckily he doesn’t use it very often.  He wolfs down his food like nothing I’ve ever seen before – a product of his foster environment where there were multiple dogs competing at one oversized food dish.  We’re hoping he slows down a bit in coming days, once he realizes Xena isn’t interested in his food (she’s not a food motivated breed).  We’ll be enrolling him in the same puppy obedience class that Xena went through once she’s done with her basic “clicker” obedience class.

I’ll post more pictures as they come along.  Here’s a parting shot…



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Another 6-10″

The drive in this morning was brutal.  I wish I had a camera in the car, as I would have loved to have taken some pictures during “the crawl”.  Cars spun out all over the place, plow trucks kicking up snow all over everyone… it was a right kerfuffle.  No problems in the trusty Volvo, however.  I just took it easy, sipping my Starbucks chai and keeping it in winter mode.  Perhaps this weekend I should whip out the snowboard for the first time and hit the slopes down at Alpine Valley while Eli is hitting the books.

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