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Once again, I’ve been woefully neglectful of my blog… last post was in early March (just one for the month), and there may only be one for April so I’d better make it a good one.

We’ve had much warmer temperatures lately and all of the snow is gone.  I don’t think we’ll see any more this season, though there’s always the chance of getting snow in April.  I ventured out onto a golf course for the first time of the year yesterday, and it was just a mess.  The ground was still quite soggy and due to my poor selection of shoe for the outing, my feet were wet by the second hole.  Glad I only played nine.  Anyway, the trips to Gastau’s new heated driving range over the past couple of months paid off, as I actually struck the ball pretty well, and my drives were nothing short of amazing.  The club I always feared has become my favorite new weapon.  As always, I need to get my putting back in order ASAP, and I’ll see if I can better my performances from last year, which were a good 5-7 strokes per 9 better than any year previous.  I think I’m finally starting to like this game!

The dogs have been keeping us very busy as usual.  Edmund is getting so big – 30 pounds last time I had him at the vet a week ago.  They play and play and continue to get along really well.

Edmund finished puppy obedience last week and was the best behaved in the class.  I think his mellow demeanor really helps out, and he’s so good when we go on walks I could practically have him off leash.  Xena finished basic obedience the week before that, and is very good at obeying all the standard commands (sit, stay, lay down) but still pulls a little bit when we go for walks.  We’ll continue to work on that, as “impulse control” is her biggest weakness – but hopefully that will fade some as she gets older.  She’s still just a pup too – something that’s easy to lose sight of with Edmund around.

Eli has been so busy with school as the semester winds down… she’s working on a 15 page rough draft right now which will turn into a 25 page paper and presentation by the end of the semester. 

Work has been just as lackluster as hell lately.  We’ve been watching a ton of Kitchen Nightmares, the F Word and Hell’s Kitchen lately, and I keep daydreaming about being a gourmet chef in some fancy restaurant… but I snap out of it and realize that would be a long time in the making, and even then I probably wouldn’t make as much money as I do in IT.  I just have to make life outside of work as interesting as possible to compensate.  I took a cooking class at Whole Foods yesterday – Thai food was the subject matter.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t hands-on, but it was very interesting to watch and learn, and we got to eat the food that Chef Jordan prepared in the hour and a half session.  I signed up for next Saturday’s Risotto class afterwards, as we’ve been eating a lot of fish and salads lately but are missing a good side dish to go with the fish.

OK, that’s about all that has been going on lately… hopefully I get a chance to post again soon!  Here’s the parting shot:


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