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After years of complaining about buying $5 a pop Starbucks drinks, I finally did something about it and got an espresso machine off eBay.  It’s an Italian one, by a company called Francis Francis! (owned by Illy) and it’s pretty cool –  heavy duty switches and a little temperature indicator in the middle. 

My new toy

It was much easier to learn to use than I expected, and now I’m cranking out the lattes like crazy.  I even bought some chocolate flavored syrup like they have at Starbucks for drink flavoring so I can make a Mocha.  Still working on refining that, though.

Eli is almost done with another semester of school at UWM.  It’s finals week – one class she’s already done with, and she has one more final tomorrow.  She did some interesting research on Aveda – the company, the history, and the products – and it has actually changed her tune a little bit on the whole deal.  Very interesting stuff.

I’ve been totally in the ditch with my job lately… actually, ever since I went to a somewhat spontaneous interview at a very nice company where an old buddy of mine works, I’ve had an itch to get away from CHW.  It’s like everyone at this place just goes out of their way to make everything as difficult as possible, and it’s so draining I can’t even begin to describe it.  Totally taking the “fun” out of IT.  I’ve done some pretty interesting stuff with Oracle on a Unix server this week, so that has helped… but I’ll admit, I’d love to hear from that company saying that they’d love to hire me as their DBA.  It’s a downtown company, so my commute would be about a third of what I currently drive.  They have excellent benefits and provide free parking and free lunches, which is just incredible.  I hope to hear something one way or another soon – it’s just very difficult waiting and thinking about it.

Primarily, we really need to take a vacation.  With the dogs, it will involve driving, and with the price of gas it’s painful just to drive to the grocery store right down the street.  Not to get any more bleak than I already sound about my job, but I think the Golden Age of humanity has officially passed us by, and it’s going to be a slippery slope down to the extinction of just about everything on this planet (not in my lifetime, but probably within a couple hundred years).   After seeing “An Inconvenient Truth” and reading quite a bit of literature on the parasitic, viral greed and spread of humankind… it’s all around us now – it’s hard to do anything without seeing or hearing something that rings of the decline of the planet as a whole… I’m convinced that we will fall far short of ever being able to reverse the problem, and I’m seriously doubting that we can even get the problems to stabilize.  For as long as I can remember I’ve been aware of (and on board with the notions of) what some term the “population crisis”.  Not to get into all the finer points of it, but the result will mean that overall human welfare and general quality of life will begin to decline.  Already disappering resources will continue to be gobbled up, and there will be that many more people polluting an already over-polluted planet.  It’s very sad, and for the sake of all non-human life on Earth, either the aliens or the robots that may eventually do us all in should get on with the business of doing so.

Hopefully I’ll be a little more cheerful the next time I post.  Now bugger off!!


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