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It’s almost August now and that means only about another guaranteed 6 weeks of warm weather for those of us in Wisconsin.  We usually get nice days peppered in there until mid-October, and I hope we get a lot of them this year considering how many days were ruined by scorcing heat and sweltering humidity over the months of June and early July.

I’ve been training like mad for this MS150 bike ride.  This weekend was the biggest test so far – I rode from here to downtown Racine via Hwy-32 each day for a simulation.  40 mile round trip, done back to back… I figured that would be a good mini-simulation of the 75 miles each day next weekend.  The great news is that I survived it, and I actually feel pretty good right now, considering.  I actually felt a tiny bit better today than yesterday, and I figured today’s leg would be the hardest (especially getting on that narrow seat again).  No problems.  It’s totally psychological.  Thanks a bunch for all of you blog-readers that are helping to support me on the ride with your generous donations – and there’s still a week to get a donation in if you haven’t yet!

If it were a safer route to work I think I’d continue my riding trend and start pedaling to work on the nicer days.  Now I really wish I still had a downtown job because it would be a piece of cake…  it’s a little less than 4 miles from the house to the building where I had my Law Firm job.  Bummer.  Anyway, I’ll try to make another post before the ride, but if I don’t, there will definitely be a full synopsis posted after I get back.

In other news, all the people up here seem to be able to concern themselves with is “what is Brett Favre doing now”.  It’s ridiculous.  The guy is making himself look like such a clown and it’s sad because he could have had such a nice legacy if he’d simply retired and been done with it.  Now I think he’s an idiot, but of course everyone up here is behind him and hopes he comes back to play another season for the Packers.  I say be gone and let Aaron Rodgers do his thing.  Oh no… I’m starting to sound like I actually care what goes on with the Green Bay Packers!!!


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How time flies…  that loud, obnoxious, liquored-up event we refer to here in Milwaukee as “Bummerfest” (yes, I’d be referring to Summerfest) just ended yesterday, and I thought to myself, “wow, it’s been a while since I blogged”.

I’m signed up to ride in the “Best Dam Bike Ride”, a two-day 150 mile ride to raise money for the Wisconsin Chapter of the Multiple Sclerosis Society.  It’s on August 2nd and 3rd, so I might do a little gentle solicitation for pledges for the cause.  I had to get my road bike up and running again, which I hadn’t been on in about 10 years.  It needed a new shifter and some brake pads, but otherwise it was in great condition.  I’ve been back out on it a couple times, and … no, I still don’t like road biking as much as riding my mountain bike… but it’s OK for a temporary change.  It just feels weird.  I’d rather be slogging through mud and dodging rocks and trees, if you can believe it… instead of dodging cars.

A bike crash caused by a drunk driver in Mexico

A bike crash in Mexico caused by a drunk driver in a big, dumb American car

Hopefully I won’t have to deal with situations like the one above – it’s ridden on a relatively closed course between Waukesha (a west suburb of Milwaukee), down through the scenic (and hilly) Kettle Moraine State Park to the UW-Whitewater campus (overnight stay there in the dorms), then on to Madison on the second day, with a return trip via bus that evening.

Eli and I have been riding a lot around the Oak Leaf trail system on the weekends.  We just discovered a whole new spur of the trail about 6 miles south of us that goes all the way to the bottom of Milwaukee County.  We couldn’t ride the whole thing because the Oak Creek police department had it closed at the 5 mile mark to set up fireworks (this was on the 4th) but we look forward to returning and riding the whole thing.  Otherwise, we’ve been playing with the dogs a lot and getting some things done around the house and yard.  Exciting, huh?!?  Now I see why I only blog about once every other month.

On the heels of last month’s article involving my purchase of a home espresso machine, it appears many others like me are doing the same thing.  Starbucks is apparently closing somewhere in the neighborhood of 600 stores due to “oversaturation” primarily in urban areas, where there’s a Starbucks every 2-3 blocks.  Boo hoo.  And to think, at one point I almost got the Starbucks logo tattooed on my ass.  Go figure.

Not sure what more to say… work continues to drone on, but I suppose I can’t complain.  I’m sure I can expect another less-than-the-rate-of-inflation raise come November.  Boo hoo for me, I guess – there are some people who are not getting raises (or facing pay cuts), or even losing their jobs altogether.  Still, I’d like for us to be able to take a real vacation sometime this year, as we haven’t done much of anything in two years now.  We’re thinking about a trip out West, but we’re still in the rough planning stage now.

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