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Has it really been 2 years since my last blog post???  How can it be…  Funny, reading my last post in August of 2008, having “survived” the MS150, I chuckle because I now realize that ride totally killed my enthusiasm for roadbiking.  The yellow Cannondale has been set up on the trainer in the basement for nearly two years, and I’ve probably put a couple hundred miles on it during that time, primarily in the winter months.  I hardly even rode my mountain bike last year, actually… but have ventured out on it a few times this summer despite the searing heat and humidity.  I plan on doing quite a bit of riding this Autumn to make up for it.  Visits to the South Kettle, hopefully with my old buddy Scott Mente, will get me feeling tip-top again!  I recently reconnected with Mente at Paul’s wedding and he told me he has gotten into mountain biking, so I’ll be taking him up on his offer to go hit those gnarly trails.

Otherwise, life persists… and the Dude abides.  Later.


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