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I guess it’s no surprise that most of my favorite finds out here in the “Freshly Pressed” section are food and recipe blogs.  Every time I look at myself in the mirror I’m reminded of my propensity to overeat.  Holiday eating was no less rampant than usual at the office over the past couple of weeks, what with vendors bringing in boxes of cheese and sausage and platters with little snowman cupcakes encircling a cake.  Some jokers even tried sneaking in leftover Halloween candy as late as early December.  Ridiculous!  I’ve sworn off McDonalds as an iced coffee outlet on my way to work now, so I’ll try to stick with that as some sort of a New Year’s resolution of sorts.


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This particular expression best sums up why I love my dog.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, from all of us.  Especially Xena.

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Winteresque weekends tend to be a little on the boring side here in Wisconsin.  This weekend was no exception.  I strategically calculated a decision not to leave the house on Saturday except for a brief walk of the dogs to the field, because I was putting all my “getting out of the house” eggs in the Sunday basket… I was planning on heading down to The Track at Harbor Hobbies to race, and that’s all there was to it.  Well, thank you Mr. Winter Storm Warning/Blizzard.  Watched the rain that persisted in the upper 30s on Saturday wash away most of the existing snow, then become freezing rain by midnight and new snow in the wee hours of the morning.  It wasn’t too bad looking when I got up this morning – but it was disastrous by the time I was ready to leave at 8:30am.  Decided to test out the driving experience by heading down as far as the M&I ATM in Cudahy, at which point I called Eli and took a Starbucks order, declaring that I was headed home.   Sat on my ass all day watching some pretty lackluster football (including one incredibly half-assed effort by the Pack) and rued the fact that I didn’t go racing anyway, if only to enjoy the adventure that a snowy drive down Hwy. 32 would have provided.  Come to think of it, the stretch through central Racine and out of the ass-end of “Mount Pleasant” (probably the most unpleasant place in Wisconsin) would have likely proven more difficult than usual in treacherous conditions.

Did have a little fun Saturday morning when a Google sidebar news item led me to a “geek classic” that I’d never heard of – the Star Wars Holiday Special from 1978.  It had some humorous commercials, including one for Tobor (Robot spelled backwards, as the voice-over at the end of the commercial so eloquently informed me).

  I would have totally loved this toy as a spry 6-year-old.  I don’t know why my folks didn’t get me one.

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