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Morning weigh-in: 200.5 pounds.

I’ve been hovering right around the 200 pound mark without dropping below it, causing a lot of frustration on this end, believe me.  Last 3 mornings have been 201, 200.5 and 200.5.  Just ridiculous.  I’ve been doing everything as perfectly as possible, but I think some of the elements (really hot days the last couple, causing a lot of liquid consumption and maybe I’m retaining it?) may be factoring into this stall.  I’m totally sick of the menu, too.  I’m still doing fine with the concept of eating the small meals and only taking in the VLCD-mandated 500 calories… and I’m not feeling hungry, ever, really.  It’s just that I’m so sick of these limited choices.  In addition to celery, I may never want to eat another cucumber again.  I’m seriously considering a total Adkins-style switchover for my last week of this diet.  One can only eat so many tomatoes.

So, eight more days of the HCG drops followed by 3 more days of this limited choice diet after that…  11 more days of these terribly limited food choices.  I don’t know how I’m going to do it.  I’m still optimistically holding out hope that I can crack the 190 pound mark, and I’m sure I’m just in a stall right now that will probably take off again tomorrow morning.


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Morning weigh-in: 206 pounds.

I think I needed a short break from blogging about this, gives me more time to think and come up with clever things to say.  Unhappy to report that I’ve sort of plateaued since I last wrote…  actually, yesterday and today were the first true plateau days.  I only lost about a half a pound per day prior to yesterday despite how excited I was about it seeming easier to be on the diet on the weekends.  Good news is, five days of constipation just ended so I’m sure to be seeing better numbers on the scale at tomorrow morning’s weigh-in.  Obviously, it makes sense that if you’re not regular, the accumulation of daily waste is going to diminish your true loss numbers until you finally purge.

Tomorrow will be the halfway point of the VLCD (very low-calorie diet – the 500 calorie per day deal I’ve been on, commonly referred to as Phase 2) and honestly, it seems like an eternity.  Seems like an eternity that I’ve been doing this, and it seems like I still have an eternity left to complete.  The biggest change is that my enthusiasm for this diet is gone.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m very dedicated to it and I’m pleased with the results enough to see it through, but that initial excitement I had the first week or so has diminished drastically.  Granted, going through a slowdown in the weight loss like I’ve experienced over the past few days can do that to you, but I know a big part of it is being completely bored with the food I’m eating, especially since so little of it is meat and so much of it is vegetable matter.  I’ve definitely realized that I am a carnivore, plain and simple.

I did some Googling to see if anyone had input on a mix of the HCG diet with Adkins concepts in order to boost the meat intake and lower the veggie intake, and there was a surprising amount of dialogue on just that.  Turns out  I’m not alone in feeling this way.  Most of these folks end up realizing that they’re better off with the prescribed diet as documented in my “Losers Manual” because it’s a more well-rounded diet similar to what you’d normally eat (just drastically reduced in quantity).  Many speak of going nutty due to the total obsession with cutting out carbs completely, so the few carbs I’m taking in via the “grissini breadsticks” and fruits are actually a good thing.  The vegetables I tolerate best are asparagus (typically paired with steak) and tomato (typically paired with ground beef), probably because I don’t have to eat too much of either.  They are both in the “1 cup” portion category, opposed to my least favorite of the veggies – celery – of which I must choke down a full 2 cups worth.  I doubt I’ll ever eat celery again after this diet is over!  I was also getting a little bored with just apples and strawberries, so despite a loathing of pulp that I’ve had since childhood (I only drink pulp-free OJ), I decided to eat an orange the other day and … it was delicious!

So, I’ll hopefully have some better news when I check back in, probably some time this weekend.

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Morning weigh-in: 207.5 pounds.

In addition to tracking progress on the scale, participants are also supposed to do measurements of various areas of the body at intervals throughout the course of the diet.  The little grid in the “Losers Manual” has a column for starting date plus 3 more, so given this is a roughly 30 day diet, I decided that every 10 days would be a good measurement timings.  I was surprised to see how much “thinner” I am, especially between the neck and hips at 3 measuring points.  Personally, I’m more jazzed about the numbers that the scale is reflecting, but when I really started to think about how certain clothes are going to fit better (most already are), then I realized the value of these numbers, too.  I actually dug to the back of my closet this morning and identified several pair of work slacks and jeans that are size 34 waist…  that I fortunately didn’t bag up and take to Goodwill years ago when I ballooned out to a 36 waist.  I’m thinking by the time I break the 200 pound mark, I should be fitting back into them.

I’m finding now that weekends are much easier to deal with than work days, too.  Time just seems to fly on the weekend, between starting the day a little later due to sleeping in a bit, longer walk with the dogs, catching up on house work, doing some yard work, afternoon nap, etc.   I seem to have less time to think about being hungry, and that’s nice.  Even on my busiest days at work, time doesn’t seem to fly like it does on the weekend.

I’m not going to bother listing daily menus anymore unless I find some new fabulous concoction… seriously…  it’s getting boring… or unless, for some reason, I fall off the wagon and need to discuss why.  I’d like to continue doing a daily post to list my morning weigh-in and any other interesting facts from the day, including my overall well-being and state of mind.

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Morning weigh-in: 209.5 pounds.

I really hope this slow-but-steady weight loss continues.  No reason it shouldn’t, I’m just sayin’…   Today’s challenge was in the form of girl scout cookies, taken from the freezer of a co-worker and lined up neatly on the treat cart this morning.  Four boxes of them!  Luckily only one of the flavors was one that I really liked, so I had an easier time resisting than if it were four boxes of Samoas and Thin Mints lined up.  Still, more crap in my general vicinity that I didn’t need.  Oh well.

Today I enjoyed a cup of decaf from Starbucks (lightened with a little cream), followed much later by a lunch consisting of lettuce/fish/apple (burning my allocation of the customary apple split between mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack).  I really didn’t have much more trouble than usual waiting all that time up until lunch than usual, same thing with the gap between lunch and dinner with no snack.  Strawberries for a evening snack again.

I realize this was only the 7th day of the 26 day low-calorie diet, and I’m struggling to imagine how I’m going to deal with this total lack of variety in raw materials for another nearly 3 weeks.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m digging most aspects of this, but I think the “inventors” of this diet could have put a little more effort into the identification of some alternative fruits and vegetables (and meats, really) that could be thrown into the mix.

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Morning weigh-in: 210.5 pounds.

This is starting to feel slightly repetitive, and with the lack of anything new and exciting on the menu, I don’t really have much new to report.  Similar to the last few days… coffee… half an apple… chicken/leafy green/strawberry salad… other half of the apple…  I guess this was the first time orange roughy has been the fish choice for dinner…  had it with raw tomato and then the customary diced strawberries for an evening snack again.

I’ve really got to say I enjoy the steak the most for dinner – it seems to be the most satisfying, no matter what goes with it (asparagus, a salad, etc.) – may just decide to have it every other night for the duration of phase 2.  Especially when I tend to have chicken as part of my lunch meal… rotating between fish and steak for dinner works well for me!

I’m definitely over the psychological hump of this exercise.  Really, at no point did I feel like I was fuzzy, slow, unable to think clearly (especially at work), or anything of that nature.  If anything, I feel “stronger” because I’m sleeping better, getting slightly more exercise than usual, and on a massively more healthy diet than the garbage I usually eat day-in and day-out.  According to the manual, the toughest few days were supposed to be the 4th or 5th day of the low-calorie phase (phase 2), so I’m just past that (yesterday, according to my calendar) and feeling great about it.

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Morning weigh-in: 212 pounds.

I’m not sure if it’s just the fact that my spirits are boosted from a pretty significant drop in weight since yesterday, but I seem to be doing a much better job managing my hunger and cravings today.  Limited snacks available, which is good… and I had no problem walking past the oreo cookies on the treat cart.

Coffee again for breakfast, followed by the mid-morning snack of an apple, then a nice mixture of seasoned, diced tomatoes with shredded chicken for lunch.  Other half of the apple for a mid-afternoon snack, then enjoyed steak again with some grilled asparagus (that George Foreman is coming in handy!) for a delicious dinner.  Several diced strawberries for dessert.  I felt more satisfied today than any point prior in this diet off this limited selection of food items.  One would never know, considering what I ate today, that I only consumed in the vicinity of 500 calories.

Some observations – other than my clothing starting to fit a little looser, I’m noticing that any flatulence doesn’t smell nearly as foul.  Sorry, that may seem like a tacky subject to bring up, but who are we kidding, it’s a fact of life!  Didn’t expect it to go away entirely due to the high volume of gas-producting vegetables that now constitute the bulk of my limited diet, but it is refreshing that no one need leave the room when “it happens”.  I’m also sleeping slightly better, and my throat feels better in the morning, too… indicating that I’m snoring less (or possibly not at all).

The most interesting thing is how, in the evening (knowing I’ve consumed all the food possible for the day), I start to think about how gratifying it might be to stop on the way in to work at McDonalds and pick up an iced coffee and a couple sausage mcmuffins.  My imagination runs wild and I salivate like mad for a few seconds.  By the next morning, however, when my hunger is nearing its peak, I have no problem driving right past the place.  This has happened 3 mornings in a row now and I hope I don’t “break”.

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Morning weigh-in: 214.5 pounds.  One more pound vanquished!

Today was a pretty close repeat of yesterday… coffee for “breakfast”, mid-morning snack of half an apple, then a nice mixture of  leafy greens, grilled chicken and strawberries  for lunch with a couple of thin bread sticks.  Had the other half of the apple for a mid-afternoon snack, then polished off the sautéed celery and tuna combination as an early dinner before going to after-work golf.  Other half of my strawberry allotment for an evening snack.

I still really had to fight the cravings all day long despite the snacks disappearing from the treat cart.  I think I might just be struggling because I’m not super-busy at work right now – so the day isn’t exactly flying by, and I have a little too much time to think about these cravings.  With my new role as Epic Clarity ETL Admin / DBA, I’m probably not going to get extremely busy anytime soon, so I may have to get creative in my methods for staving off hunger.

I can’t imagine what this is going to be like in week 2 of this diet.  Easier, I hope… I just have to last that long.

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