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Well, I’m happy to report that even though over 2 weeks have passed since my last entry, I successfully survived the diet and the “ramp down” period.  I’m actually about halfway through the 3 week phase where I’m still supposed to be completely avoiding carbs and sugars, but slowly easing into higher and higher calorie daily intakes.  I think I should be around the 1000 calorie per day mark (and I may be, on some days) but that was made nearly impossible with my work-related travel around days 33-36.  I was at the mercy of the breakfasts and lunches that were available at Epic (which were quite good, actually) leaving me unable to be too picky about the carb/sugar intake… and dinners where, though I could control what I ate, I didn’t try very hard to do so.  If you count the Outback steak house and BW3 as good choices, well… I’m in business.

Anyway, I’m still hovering right around the 195 pound mark and I couldn’t be happier about that.  I think my low point was on day 31, when I hit 192 pounds… and I was at 199 right after getting back from the aforementioned business trip.  My goal is to keep it in the low-to-mid 190’s, and maybe even creep into the upper 180’s if we ever start getting some weather that is conducive to mountain biking.  Now that I’m getting extra calories (above 500) on a daily basis, I have more to burn, and I’d like to get into some kind of exercise regiment.

The lasting effects include much better portion control – which I’d say is probably the #1 take-away from this diet.  I no longer gorge myself on food at every opportunity, and it now seems so ridiculous that it was my old way of living.  I find myself making more healthy choices, too – an apple or some nuts for a snack instead of chips, soda and candy bars – and eating very small dinners (usually just a salad) if I did have a “big” lunch.  This is great!!


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Morning weigh-in: 194 pounds.

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now, and it’s so relieving.  Quite surprisingly, I didn’t experience my weekend plateau this weekend, and it’s been a steady drop of a pound a day for the last several.  I’m loving it because I really wanted to finish strong.  I might just reach that target of 188… I’ll have to see how the three post-HCG days of 500 calories goes for weight loss.  Supposedly, it’s a “stabilization” period but I don’t see how I can’t drop another couple pounds if I continue with such low intake.

So, just tomorrow and the next day to take the HCG drops, and I won’t have to obsess over those any longer.  I’m still really concerned how next week is going to be while at Epic training, right as I’m entering Phase 3.  I need to find a good no sugar/no carb restaurant somewhere in Madison at which to eat my dinners, which is pretty realistic given what a liberal spot it is.  I’m at the mercy of what they feed me for breakfast and lunch, however, and that’s what scares me…

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Morning weigh-in: 198 pounds.

OK, a major milestone has been passed.  Of course, with only 6 days left in the HCG portion (and even considering the 3 additional 500 calorie days after that) I am having to be realistic about the fact that I’ll probably barely crack 190 – and get nowhere near my original goal of 180.  Oh well…  I’ll take it.  At this point I’d really like to end up at 188 because that would be a 30 pound drop since the beginning of this diet.  If I’m aggressive, and stick to the plan, there’s no reason I shouldn’t achieve it.

On the flip side, my wonderful Spring allergy season arrived right on schedule Monday when the temperatures soared and the sky was filled with whatever the random, unknown pollen trigger is that makes me mental.  So, back on the Zyrtec-D and I’m really hoping this doesn’t negatively impact my diet in any way.  But… the cravings are totally gone and I’m typically more than full feeling after every meal.  Mornings at work aren’t even hard to get through until lunchtime.  Got the “201 Maintenance Recipes” book today so I can start investigating all the tasty meals that can be whipped up starting on the 12th.  It will really be nice to have significantly more raw ingredients available to make lunch and dinner out of, and just being able to have breakfast again is going to be huge.  Hopefully I don’t get huge in the process!

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