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Quite hot and humid conditions descended upon MKE over the weekend, and it’s supposed to be like this for a while…  really glad I got the window unit AC for the apartment on my way home Friday afternoon.  Installed it Saturday morning and I’m “chillin'” in my pad.

The cable/internet saga continues…   AT&T U-verse:  couldn’t be installed in my unit due to inadequate cabling/wiring.  DirecTV:  far too many idiots working for the company to actually pull off the deal.  Seriously, they had the most awful customer service I’ve ever dealt with.  If you’re in the market for this sort of thing, don’t even consider them.  So, it’s back to Time Warner cable.  They may be more expensive, but they’re at least capable of getting the job done.

Had one of the finest R/C races of my “career” yesterday at the amazing Leisure Hours Raceway near Joliet, Illinois.  What an incredible facility.  Qualified 2nd (by less than 4 tenths) but cut a great line through the first sweeper on the first lap and never looked back.  I can’t wait to race here again.  The speeds capable – even with a 17.5 – are awesome.  Watching Paul blast around the track with his 8th scale nitro was pretty incredible, too.  All in all, a great day for the Wisconsin contingent.

Diet…  well, it’s been over a while but my weight has remained around 190 despite the not-so-great items that have been reintroduced to my daily regiment since striking out on my own.  I’m not pigging down on too many carbs and sugars, so I think that helps, even though I still really haven’t gotten back into any kind of exercise routine.  I hope this lasts.


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Moved back into the Astor this weekend after about an eight year absence.

Feels good.  I miss the dogs… that’s about it.

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